About Us

Founded in 2010, Warrior Combat Systems Kali is a Self Defence Martial Arts School that seeks to provide a training environment of self-discovery allowing a student to develop effective and functional self-defence skills for the real world. We aim to develop and improve our fighting skills through practicing an effective fighting system that is applicable to a wide arsenal of weapons and objects. There are no limitations and the most effective ‘style’ is what works best for the individual. It is open and forever adapting, always incorporating effective techniques and strategies regardless of the source. By training at WCS Kali students do not only become proficient fighters against non-compliant opponents but it also equips individuals to deal with obstacles and resistance in everyday life.

Students will cover:

  • Weapons Training
  • Empty Handed Training (Dirty Boxing & Kick Boxing)
  • Improvised Weapons and Edged Weapons Defence
  • Grappling
  • Fitness, Cardio, Strength and Attribute Training

I don’t ever carry weapons, why should I learn how to use them?

At WCS we do not encourage anybody to carry weapons in everyday situations. We all know however that many victims of crime are often confronted by a weapon and this is an increasing statistic. The best option when confronted with a weapon (other than escaping the conflict situation) is to find a neutraliser.

At WCS we teach weapons in a way that a person can pick up everyday objects and use it in much the same way. For example, stick techniques are applicable to umbrella’s, magazines, newspapers, handbags, chairs and walking canes, just to name a few. Studying at WCS will allow you to identify potential improvised weapons in any self-defence situation.


A big emphasis at WCS Kali is Sparring with minimal rules and restrictions. MMA has become a popular and effective tool for discovering “what works and what doesn’t”. As such there is a growing need to have the same for self defence.

Throughout history Warriors developed fighting skills on the battlefield. They faced life or death situations in which working techniques and strategies were determined by which combatants were able to go home to pass on their skills and knowledge. Through sparring with modern safety equipment we aim to bring the concept of this training back without the risk of death or serious injury that our ancestors faced. This makes our practice as realistic as possible and allows us to strive for maximum efficiency with resistance.

SAFTEY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY. Sparring is conducted in a progressive format, starting at a relatively basic level with the intensity increasing when the student is ready to progress further. Various sparring games are conducted to develop important attributes of timing, rhythm and distancing. All Sparring is done with appropriate safety gear, padded weapons and simulators.

Cross Training and Research

In our training we study, practice and apply strategies and techniques from Filipino Martial Arts, Western Martial Arts, Chinese and Japanese Weapon Arts, Boxing and Grappling just to name a few. Ancient and Modern Warriors developed their fighting skills on the Battlefield, and through the training environment we aim to explore these fighting skills. We take advantage of what we learn from a variety of sources to develop ourselves and our fighting system. We encourage students to research strategies and techniques from a variety of sources and bring them to training. We aim to provide an environment where students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines can come together and train without restriction of rules and styles. Cross training and research is a big part of our development.

Open Training Environment

We encourage an open learning environment, that is every person present at training is learning from one another regardless of whether they are a beginner or a senior student. Unlike Many mainstream Martial Arts Schools we do not believe that black belts and instructors have reached their peak and need to train in “Advanced Classes” for improvement or should be restricted to teaching only. Every individual has something to learn from which is quite evident in sparring. Students never claim to have all the answers and by constantly facing uncooperative opponents weaknesses can be discovered and worked on. Our attitude is that it’s better to get tagged in training and work on it than to find out when your life is on the line.

Use of Force

Every conflict situation is different in nature and intensity. It is important that a student knows how much force is appropriate for a given situation. We often see in Martial Arts books and magazines techniques that involve punching someone in the nose if they grab your wrist. Obviously depending on the circumstances this type of response can get you in a lot of trouble for the inappropriate use of force. There are many factors involved that influence an appropriate level of resisting force. At WCS we apply a “Use of Force Ladder” to help guide students to identify appropriate use of force should they find themselves in a conflict situation.


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