Reality Based Personal Protection


The WCS Reality Based Personal Protection program explores a wide variety of situations and scenarios and concepts to better prepare the individual for actual self-defence conflict. Often left out by many mainstream martial arts schools the WCS RBPP program explores the different stages of conflict:

  • Pre-Conflict – This area explores “Becoming a Harder Target”, reducing the chances of entering the conflict stage and better positioning oneself in preparation for potential conflict.
  • Conflict – This area explores what to expect in a street encounter, where the emphasis is returning home safely.
  • Post-Conflict – This area addresses what to do following conflict which includes avoiding secondary conflict, initial injury management and developing an understanding of emotions and shock.

It also develops the individuals understanding of appropriate responses to varying levels of conflict through a use of force ladder.

There are several modules offered delivered in a variety of methods:

  • Defensive Tactics
  • Ground Survival
  • Knife Survival
  • Crime Survival
  • Self-Defence for Women
  • And much more

These modules are incorporated into our regular classes and private lessons but also delivered via seminars and intensive courses.

Please contact John for more information, availability and prices.


John Intervalo with Jim Wagner, Founder of RBPP

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