Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts, also commonly referred to as Kali, Eskrima and Arnis, are functional fighting systems developed through a history of conflict where survival was the name of the game. Often thought of as weapon based Martial Arts, it incorporates all aspects of fighting in a variety of environments. There are a number of different styles, each with a different emphasis. For example, some styles focus on stick fighting while others blade work and blade defence.

Traditionally in the Filipino Martial Arts, there are 12 areas of training.

1.Single Stick/Sword

2.Double Stick/Sword

3.Stick/Sword and Dagger

4.Single Dagger

5.Double Dagger

6.Palm Stick

7.Empty Hands – Dirty Boxing and Grappling

8.Flexible Weapons

9.Long Weapons

10.Thrown Weapons

11.Projectile Weapons

12.Healing Arts

It uses various solo and partner drills as well as sparring to improve the fighting attributes of an individual. Persons who train in the Filipino Martial Arts often comment that it greatly improves their empty handed games such as MMA and boxing giving them a whole new understanding of combat strategies and tactics.


Filipino Martial Arts at Warrior Combat Systems

The curriculum as taught at WCS Kali is designed to make the student a proficient fighter in all areas and ranges. The curriculum is not limited by style and is not restrictive. Students learn concepts and develop attributes which will promote constant growth and evolution throughout the individual’s lifetime. Drawing from a number of Filipino Systems as well as other effective arts and systems the student at WCS will learn a highly practical and effective martial art and how to apply it against opponents of various fighting styles and types.

WCS Kali is unique in that it first develops essential skills and attributes essential for street defence and then builds on and promotes individual growth as a Martial Artist. It does not take years to learn to defend yourself, in fact students walk out of their first lesson with tools they can effectively apply in a street self-defence situation.  It does, however, take tremendous hard work and dedication to continually grow and constantly improve as an individual and martial artist.

Filipino Martial Arts at Warrior Combat Systems Kali draws principals and concepts from arts which include but is not limited to:

  • Filipino Martial Arts – Kali, Eskrima, Arnis
  • Floro Fighting Systems (also offered in private classes)
  • Battlefield Kali (also offered in classes and private classes)
  • Reality Based Personal Protection (also offered in private classes)
  • Kuntao/Silat
  • Fencing
  • Taekwondo
  • Jeet Kune Do Concepts
  • Wing Chun
  • Boxing
  • BJJ/Judo

It is a continually evolving art which will be experienced differently by each individual. We develop free thinking individuals and encourage constant growth and self-improvement.

Regular classes are available as well as private lessons. Contact John to join today!

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