Floro Fighting Systems

Floro Fighting Systems is a system of Edged Weapon combat and defence that is not only simple to learn, but is one of the most effective systems of self defence available today.  FFS was developed by Raymond Floro, a fencing champion and martial artist, after extensive training in European and Filipino methods of edged weapon combat.

Efficient, direct and immediate, FFS is one of the very few styles that is still based on the blade, and is used by civilians, members of the military, and law enforcement agencies worldwide

WCS Head Instructor, John Intervalo, has trained regularly with Raymond Floro over the past few years and continues to do so. He has assisted Ray in teaching various Martial Arts Classes, Seminars and Military Workshops. John is certified to teach FFS Edged Weapons and FFS Impact Weapons.

Ray Floro and John Intervalo

John Intervalo with Raymond Floro, Founder of Floro Fighting Systems


Characteristics of Floro Fighting Systems

#1) FFS heavily utilizes thrusts.

#2) Distancing – FFS practitioners are either at long range or extremely close, they hardly stand in medium range because we found that there is a high probability of “double kills”. Utilizing fencing footwork, the FFS practitioner can really close the distance quickly

#3) FFS – Uses “Linear Motion” as it’s the basis for footwork, which is taken directly from fencing. We find this faster and doesn’t require much room to move (a good point to remember when attacking in crowded places like bars or trains etc.

#4) FFS executes their techniques in a tight motions.

#5) FFS – only uses the alive hand (non-weapon hand) at extremely close range. We found that especially in weapon sparring, the non-weapon hand gets hit often if it tries to get involved in distances greater than extreme close range.

#6) FFS have done away with traditional Filipino terms.

Many so-called “techniques” are actually illustrations of combat principles.

The system is full of strategies to set up an opponent, counter his counters, beat him to the punch, etc. Footwork is simple but effective. As long as one can walk forward, backward and sideward, then one has basically mastered the footwork.

Floro Fighting Systems Training Options

There are a number of training options for students wishing to learn Floro Fighting Systems. Options include private or semi-private lessons, seminars and intensive courses.

FFS is a system that was (and still is) developed through sparring and testing against resisting opponents. The best way to progress in FFS is through one on one lessons. For myself, I felt that I learnt best this way and wish to offer it to future students in the same method it was taught to me. Occasionally extra group sessions are held to allow students to test their skills with other students.

FFS is also heavily incorporated into our WCS Kali classes and Self Defence Seminars, in particular, for edged weapons defence, improvised weapons training (learning how to defend yourself with everyday objects like a drink bottle, handbag, umbrella, etc) and our stick sparring.


Please contact John for prices and availability.

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