Classes and private lessons have been placed on hold. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.



Personalised Martial Arts Training

Filipino Martial Arts – Arnis – Escrima – Kali

Accelerate your training with private lessons. Private lessons are offered to individuals and small groups. All programs taught at Warrior Combat Systems are available in private lessons.

Benefits of Private Lessons

  • 1 on 1 training focusing on any area that the individual wishes to work on
  • Flexible training times
  • Allows students to accelerate learning, gaining greater understanding
  • Training is tailored to the individuals learning preference

Please contact John for availability and prices.

Floro Fighting Systems

Floro Fighting Systems is offered in Private lessons, Semi-private lessons, seminars and intensive courses. Many concepts and training methods are incorporated into our Filipino Martial Arts lessons but for those wishing to specifically train in Floro Fighting Systems the above training options are available. More information coming soon.

Please contact John for availability and prices.


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